Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Natural Herbs for Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcoholism is a health condition that is affecting millions of people. In the contemporary times, the youngsters especially indulge in binge drinking, without even realizing its aftermaths. It is here where alcoholism home remedy treatment comes to play a major role in helping people get rid of their addiction to alcohol. But home remedy for alcoholism proves to be beneficial only for those individuals who genuinely have a desire to overcome their problem of alcoholism.

Here are presented a few alcoholism cure home remedies:

The first and foremost remedy for alcoholism is a strong willpower that makes you say that you will control your drinking.
Eating apples is a good practice to reduce your craving for alcohol, so consume as many apples as you can at frequent intervals. Also they help in flushing out the toxins from your body.
Grapes contain pure form of alcohol, so a person who wishes to quit alcohol drinking, should have a meal of grapes every 4-5 hours for about a month.
Consuming the juice of Bitter gourd leaves does wonders in clearing intoxication. In a glass of buttermilk add 3 tspns of this juice and drink it. It acts as a great home remedy to heal the damaged liver.

Herbs are popular as an alternative to standard Western allopathic medicine for a variety of problems, including alcoholism. This may be because mainstream pharmaceuticals such as Anabuse and Revia have violent side effects and hard on the already overworked liver of those who have a drinking problem. Herbal remedies do not offer a magical panacea for the painful withdrawal from addiction, but can help the healing process in two important ways: as a general strengthener of both the emotional and physical systems, and in specific treatment of the side effects of withdrawal.

There is some research to suggest that kudzu, considered an invasive weed in the south, can help to dampen the desire to drink. There is stronger evidence to suggest that kudzu acts as a liver tonic, increasing it's ability to fight off toxins.

Most of the herbs mentioned here help the recovery process by supporting and healing the liver, detoxifying the body. One of the best known and respected herbs for protecting the liver is milk thistle. The silymarin contained in the seeds acts to help the liver better eliminate toxins, including alcohol. In traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi mushrooms have been used as a tonic to prevent "fatty-liver" and cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse.

"Passionflower is the herbal remedy of choice for treating nausea and vomiting resulting from withdrawal from Vicodin, cocaine, heroin, or opiate painkillers and may also help withdrawal from alcohol.