Monday, May 26, 2008

Herbs for constipation:Constipation as a menopausal symptom

In Wise Women's Ways for the Menopausal Years, herbalist Susun Weed explains that "Menopausal constipation and indigestion are generally due to the slowing of the gastrointestinal tract (estrogen is a gastrointestinal stimulant) and heavy demands on the liver.

Again yellow dock root, as vinegar or tincture, and dandelion are highly recommended. "Menopausal women will want to avoid the use of bran as a laxative in deference to building strong bones." Instead try prunes, figs, or rhubarb with maple syrup. Daily doses of 1 teaspoonful vinegar or 5 - 10 drops tincture of yellow dock eliminate constipation, indigestion, and gas. "Yellow dock is especially recommended for the woman who finds her early menopausal menses getting heavier."