Friday, May 30, 2008

Korean Ginseng in Chinese Medicine

Korean Ginseng
In Traditional Chinese Medicine Korean Ginseng is believed to have the strongest stimulating properties of all the Ginseng's. Korean Ginseng promotes blood circulation, tonifies Qi, thereby increasing immune function and invigorating the body. It strengthens the lungs and spleen, increases nutritive fluids, settles the mind, restores energy, sustains mental alertness, and improves the appetite and digestion.

It can be effective in helping the elderly or convalescents regain lost energy and build up physical strength after or during a serious illness. It is widely used in Asia and the West by people as HIV and AIDS, Cancer and other serious conditions. Women who have suffered heavy blood loss after childbirth can also benefit from Korean Ginseng. People prone to shortness of breath, irritability and over-perspiration may also find it useful.

Because of its ability to energize the body Korean Ginseng can also play an important part of an overall weigh reduction program.


Genuine Korean Ginseng is scarce because of the time-consuming and expensive method of cultivation required for production. After harvesting the Ginseng, the land used for cultivation should be left to rejuvenate for 10 years. As Korean Ginseng should be harvested after 7 years growth, it takes 17 years to get produce one batch of Korean Ginseng from one plot of land. Due to lack of farmland and manpower, fewer people are involved in Ginseng cultivation in Korea these days. It is believed that he older the Ginseng root, the stronger the texture, the better the quality, and the more effective its properties. Korean Ginseng is sweet and slightly bitter in taste.

The best Korean Ginseng is considered to be from Jiang Yuan Dao in Korea. Care has to be taken when purchasing Korean Ginseng as imitations have been found in the modern market. Some Ginseng's that claim to be Korean are in fact Japanese Hongshen - a different root. While Hongshen resembles Korean Ginseng in some respects, their properties are different, and the efficacy of Hongshen marginal when compared to the genuine product. Accept no substitutes if you choose to use this supplement try our Korean Ginseng, it's a quality product that is easy to use and prepare.


As a tonic mix one packet of Korean Ginseng with 6 oz of hot water. Take at breakfast time. Can also be served iced or with lemon or honey. Remember - Korean Ginseng is the "heatiest" of the Ginseng and care should be taken when using this product. Excessive use of Korean Ginseng has been known to lead to irritability and occasionally depression. One or two serving a day is the maximum suggested intake. Your health care practitioner can advise you.

It Is Important For You To Know...

It is important not to use "black" or "green" teas or take iron supplements, or cook or use iron implements, when taking Chinese or Korean Ginseng. Herbal infusions sometimes commonly described as "teas" such as Gingko Tea and Camomile and Mint Teas are OK and may be useful part of an overall program. Your health practitioner can advise you.

This above information is translated from the statements provided by the manufacturer and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Remember that you should always see your health practitioner to diagnose and prescribe treatment for any medical condition.