Thursday, May 29, 2008

For Handy Massage Hints and Tips

If you feel worried about giving a full body massage, then start off by just trying a back massage. The more you practice, the more confident you will feel. You can introduce other body parts at your own speed.

Never give a massage when you are in a bad mood. Your partner will pick up on this and start to feel equally bad!

Make sure that neither of you are wearing any jewellery nor glasses, as this only gets in the way. Long hair should be tied up as best it can because that really is a pain!

Never pour the massage oil directly onto the other person. Instead, pour a small amount into your hand and rub hands together. This warms the oil and makes it easier to spread evenly on the skin.

I always touch the other person's arm with the back of my hand before I start a massage. This is so that they know the temperature to expect. This is a really good thing to do if you have cold hands!

Never break contact with the client during a massage. A massage should always flow and have a certain rhythm. If you are ever in doubt of what move you are meant to be doing-effleurage. This will keep the rhythm and give you a chance to remember!

Generally, any move towards the heart should be firm, whereas strokes away from the heart should be light.

The speed at which you massage will determine the effect. A slow massage will be relaxing. A very slow, deliberate massage will be erotic. A fast massage will be invigorating.

Use the whole of your body when giving a massage (I don't mean that literally!) Use your body weight to exert more pressure, lean into the movement. Sway with the movement. You may feel silly when you first start to do this but it makes giving a massage easier. You are also less likely to hurt your back if you do this. Try not to lean over the other person or twist your spine. Always sit facing the other person's head.

Be aware of your breathing. Try to let your breathing flow with the movements. Exhale slowly when performing a gliding move. When applying small areas of pressure (friction movement) try to mirror your partners breathing. Apply pressure on your partner's exhalation. They are more relaxed at this point and deeper penetration can be attained.

Enjoy! Massage feels good and even better when combined with essential oils. The person giving the massage actually receives the same benefits from the experience as the person who is receiving the massage!

Handy Massage Hints and Tips