Sunday, May 25, 2008


1. Slow down.
Doing the fast 1.2.3 grab and release that you see on television is NOT a neck massage! It is a combat situation that will cause actually more harm than good for the muslces. You are "attacking" .. they will tighten up. NOT the affect you or your partner want!
So Slow Down!
Lay your hands on either side of the neck about 3" away from the neck. Let your hands start to warm the tissue.
As you feel where the muscles are tense under your hands, apply a small amount of downward pressure evenly to both hands. No squeezing yet! You just want to give the muscles some time to adjust to being pressed on.
As you feel the skin heat under your hands SLOWLY start to close your hands to form an open "C" with the heel of your hands being the base and the fingers the full upper body of the "C". Never close the letter to an "O".

Step22. Pay Attention.
Don't assume that indrawn breath is a good sound. MMmmmmmmm is a good sound. HIssssss is usually a pain response sound. Hiss means check in -- did you do it or are they actually injured and need medical help ? 1-5 -- 6 is not good see a doctor. 3-4 Hmmm I may have strained a bit much. 1-2- I'll live just a little less.
It doesn't mean stop and walk away!!! You've just made it worse -- stay willing to make it better if there is not an injury present.
When there is pain, decrease your pressure just slighly but do not release all the way. Give the muscles time to uncramp and enjoy the slight pressure.
Step3Then resume your "C" compressions -- slowly moving from hear the neck clear out and over the top of the shoulder and arm. Yep, they are connected! Your partner will LOVE you for remembering their Arms exist!

So if all you ever do is a slow "C" compression down the neck and out the arm and back -- you'll have them lined up as you'll give a very relaxing massage!

Once you are more comfortable with moving slowing and checking in that it actually does feel good to your partner .. move your body. Turn so you're facing their side instead of their back.
Make the "C" is made of your finger tips and your thumb instead of the Fingertips and the heel of the hand.
Try the same "C" compression (SLOWLY and without grabging the front of the neck) along the top if the neck to the base.