Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hair Masks Treatments

For excessive damage from over-processing or wind and sun damage, chlorine damage and heating elements. These products provide deep conditioning or reconstructing for extremely damaged hair or for an every once in a while pack to treat dry hair. If you're hair is breaking you may need moisture although from too much protein you can have breakage as well. Additionally, too much moisture can make the hair feel soggy and really stretchy. But then again so can damage from harsh chemicals. I know this seems confusing but the information in our hair care section may offer a little help understanding what your hair may need. However, for severe ongoing problems visit a knowledgeable stylist to help you with your hair woes.

Protein Reconstructors: These products are every useful when you've over-processed or over exposed your hair and damage is apparent. Overexposure to chemicals and the elements can make the hair very porous leaving you with very brittle and hopeless hair. Protein reconstructors can infuse much needed strengtheners and significantly help your hair when you're in need. I personally use Hask Placenta Super Strength No-rinse Instant Hair Repair Treatment from Sally's Beauty Supply, another that is very good is Enjoy Hair Mask.

Hot Oil Hair Masks Treatments: Hot oil treatment manufacturers claim that their products significantly improve hair strength and deeply condition and moisturize the hair. However, oils usually coat the hair shaft and do not allow any other ingredients such as protein to absorb into the shaft. However, they can be good for smoothing the cortex for a temporary fix without much structural improvement. Some products include VO5 or John Frieda, although you may use oils such as jojoba, evening primrose and olive oil. Some people sear by them. In any case, these products may add gloss and sheen to dry, dull hair.
Mud Treatment Packs: Many companies claim that mud hair masks boost hair growth and improve the sheen and texture of your hair. Mud masks can invigorate the scalp so that circulation is optimum but not many will experience any type of accelerated hair growth. Mud packs usually just make the hair glossy. However, many contain Dead Sea minerals which are thought to be beneficial to the body in general.
Deep Conditioning Packs: These products can treat hair which has been over-processed or over-exposed to chemicals such as hair bleach, Ammonium Thioglycolate (perms solution or straighteners), chlorine, or simply the sun, dryness and wind. Some packs may contain vitamins, oils or minerals which may or may not be beneficial to the hair.
Moisture Packs: If your hair is dry and brittle, like straw, you may need moisture. These packs are specifically designed to remoisturize very dried out hair. Many contain propylene glycol which is a humectant. Some good products are ABBA Moisture Sensation (which contains no propylene glycol)
Moisturizing Protein Combination Packs: Some packs are specially formulated to moisturize, some to strengthen with protein and still others, a combination of both. Some products include Nutress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack and Langé Protein Pak with humectants.
Enzymatic Sea Nutrient Packs: Although this can certainly feel nice, many believe the protein in sea kelp and seaweed can truly condition and replenish the hair. Obviously, not all products are going to be as beneficial as the next so you may want to ask your hairstylist for samples or suggestions.
Shine Hair Masks Treatments: These products are applied to towel dried hair and then your head is wrapped in plastic and you are under the dryer for about 20 minutes. I personally use Sebastian International Colourshines by Cellophanes in Clear, once a month.

Leave In Hair Masks Treatments: Some leave in conditioners can be very heavy and weight down the hair, especially if you have oily hair. ABBA manufactures some great leave-in, vegan treatments. I personally use Enjoy Conditioning Spray after I shower. It realy gets the knots out and makes my hair feel good. A little goes a long way.