Friday, May 30, 2008

american ginseng in chinese medicine

American Ginseng
American Ginseng Is a type of Ginseng originally found in North America. China is currently one the worlds largest exporter of American Ginseng products. Compared with Asian Ginseng's, American Ginseng is appreciated In Traditional Chines Medicine (TCM) for its "cooling" or calming - yet revitalizing properties. American Ginseng is also thought to be effective in promoting the secretion of body fluids. American Ginseng is an ideal supplement for those seeking a calming and restorative long term supplement.

TCM Alternatives offers four American Ginseng products: American Ginseng Tea, American Ginseng Royal Tonic, American Ginseng Capsules, and American Ginseng with Tienchi.

A Busy Life..

Those who lead a busy life, especially those doing a lot of mental work, should use American Ginseng on a regular basis to harmonize the body and maintain good health.

It is especially helpful for, urban dwellers. People who smoker, or who are prone to fatigue or irritability may also find this product useful. It is good for chronic coughs because of its soothing effect on lungs. American Ginseng has also been used with success in Traditional Chinese Medicine in some cases of helping people with the effects of detoxifying from the effects substance abuse.


In modern China, American Ginseng is frequently called ‘‘Green Gold"' due to its therapeutic value. Like all Ginseng's, those growing wild are the best, and the most expensive. American Ginseng reduces "heatiness", quenches thirst and restores energy levels and has a calming or "cooling" effect on the systems of the body. TCM Alternatives offer both cultivated and wild American Ginseng products.

A potent mixture of American Ginseng and Tienchi, a formula that uniquely combines the renowned pain relieving qualities of Tienchi with the soothing effect of American Ginseng. An elegant combination. Click here...

American Ginseng in TCM

American Ginseng is considered a yin tonic, whereas the Asian Ginseng's are Qi or stimulating tonics. Alternate Pin Yin names (the western alphabet for Mandarin) for American Ginseng include Si Yangshen and Paoshen.