Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Herbs: Benefits

Benefits of Herbs

Patients uncomfortable or unsatisfied with synthetic pills and prescriptions may consider turning to herbal remedies. Extracted from plants, roots, seeds and fruits, herbal remedies have been used throughout human history. Recent medical evidence supports and clearly defines the benefits of herbal medicine. Many modern prescriptions contain herbal extracts or a synthesized equivalent.

Herbal medicines offer natural alternatives to people allergic to traditional medications such as penicillin or aspirin. Natural teas and herbs exist that perform the same essential functions as these basic remedies. Allergies to medications are serious and sometimes deadly. Herbal remedies allow a patient to treat their problems with less risk of adverse reaction.

Some modern medications or designer drugs are accompanied by long lists of side effects and complications. Physicians often choose to counter these side effects by prescribing more pills. Complex and expensive drug regimens bog down patients lives and deplete their finances. Any side effects from herbal medicine are usually far milder and well documented. Dosage cycles are strict and less taxing on finances and concentration. Combining herbal medicines is far less exhausting to your system than mixing prescription drugs.

For chronic conditions herbal medicines are a much better course of treatment than prescription drugs. Whether gastric discomfort, blood pressure or menstrual cramps, herbalists can find treatments safe and suitable for the problem. While more serious condition like cancer and other diseases require hospital treatment, their approach to common, daily ailments can result in drug dependence. These drugs attack the symptoms rather than the condition. Herbal medicines promote and enhance your body's performance and resistance, working with your system to fight the problem.

Herbal medicines also require no prescription and are readily available in most super markets as well as in specialty shops. While anyone seeking herbal care is strongly advised to research the effects of the herbs they take, a well informed patient can easily select and treat themselves with a preferred brand. Skilled and nature-savvy patients can even hunt down their own herbs and find easy instructions on how to properly harness the plant's medicinal properties.

Herbal medicines have a long and rich history of aiding people in pain. While the veracity of some miracle properties of herbs is suspicious, their long term health benefits have been documented and tested by today's medical institutions. Any patient suspicious or intolerant of pharmaceuticals should look into using herbal remedies.