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The Male Pattern Baldness - Man Hair Loss


Man hair loss is something which is very common today. Almost every man comes across this situation of hair loss after about 40 years of age. But some have a major problem which leads to baldness. The main reasons for the hair loss in men are stress and heredity. Another important reason for it is the increase of sensitivity in the sex hormones of a male which is called as androgens. It is better to use Zulvera hair shampoo to avoid hair loss.

The reasons for the loss of hair in men

The reasons for the loss of hair in men are that there are certain areas in the scalp which are very sensitive to the sex hormones and they circulate in the blood. These hormones shrink the follicles. The shrinking becomes so tiny that the hair starts falling and is not able to grow again. Though these follicles are alive they are of no use since the hair cannot grow in such areas. This type of hair loss in men starts between the ages of twenty to thirty years or later. Initially the hair starts gradually thinning or decreasing and later becomes completely bald in men.

Prevention of hair loss in men

Man hair loss can be prevented by the way of medical treatment and if proper care is taken of ones hair. For this reason, the shampoo named Zulvera can be used which can protect the hair and revitalize it. This is an herbal based shampoo and causes no side effects since they are extracted from Natural herbals. Besides this shampoo there are other treatments which a physician can offer after examining the previous medical history of the patient. Though the doctor can treat the patient for baldness, the best solution for man hair loss is to properly maintain and ensure that any kind of treatment should not have any side effects. Zulvera, the herbal shampoo from natural herbals has no side effects.

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Natural And Herbal Menopause Solutions

Many women don't know exactly what the symptoms of menopause are and if there is any safe solution to it. The most common symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, depression, weight gain, irregular menstrual periods, heart palpitation and so on so forth. If you go on counting there are many because menopause is a result of drastic internal changes in a woman's body. There are menopause solutions in medical science like hormone therapy. But recently there have been reports of various side effects of the hormone therapy and so women are switching over to natural or say herbal menopause solutions. There are herbal dietary solutions that are quite safe and effective in easing the menopause symptoms.

It should be understood that the menopause symptoms have no treatment until the menopause stage is reached. But the symptoms could be eased with medications or natural and herbal solutions. There are others solutions like meditation or yoga exercises that could also be tried as many have found relief because of them too. Natural and herbal remedies for different problems or a combination of problems are also offered and prescribed. Some of the herbals are to be taken with combination of other specific herbals and in proper dose. So it is advisable to start any dietary supplement after consulting your doctor. Some women find it difficult to cope up with the stress of the hormonal change and loose heart and become victim of depression while others might be able to deal with these problems with strong will power and determination.

Different women face different menopausal symptoms and deal with them separately. Menopause solutions could be considered as relief from the problems because the symptoms are results of the natural changes that are going on inside women's body. Dietary supplements are getting popular as they are felt to be best solutions.

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all Herbal Tea

Herbal tea has been imbibed nearly as long as written history extends. Also known as a tisane or herbal infusion, an herbal tea is simply the combination of boiling water and dried fruit, flower or herb. Documents have been recovered dating back to as early as Ancient Egypt that discuss the enjoyment and uses of herbal tea. Adagio Teas continues to sell the finest loose herbal tea you'll find, all caffeine-free and delicious!

You might think it doesn't really matter where you buy your herbal tea. You can usually tell from the packaging if it comes from a supermarket, a pharmacy or a drugstore.

Sidroga sets high standards, from testing the ingredients to the finished cup of herbal tea. We would like you to know that each cup of Sidroga herbal tea has reached the highest in quality standards.

You would normally have your car checked by a professional, for the sake of good quality workmanship. You should be just as concerned about your health and select the best manufacturer in herbal tea. Put your money on quality. Select Sidroga herbal teas. There's no one any better.

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Why It's Better For Women to Use Herbal Medicine

Maybe even Mother Mary herself once benefited from the healing powers of herbal medicine. And was she born even way back than 5,000 years?

A Little Something about Herbal Medicine First

Before we should address the issue of possible benefits that women can enjoy from the use of herbal medicine, wouldn’t it be proper to know a little something about the history of herbal medicine first?

The Wonders of Herbal Medicine

It’s Cheap – Money matters always so taking herbal medicine is not only better for the body, it’s better for the pockets too!

It’s Easy to Make – That’s right. You can make your own herbal medicine. Just follow the formula the way you would with a kitchen recipe.

It’s All Natural – And of course, all-natural is better than man-made more often than not. Because of that, there are fewer reasons to worry about symptoms and side effects. If you’re the one making the herbal medicine yourself, do make sure that you’re using clean utensils (clean hands also, please!) and the right herbs.

A Little Warning about Herbal Medicine We can all agree that herbal medicine is truly helpful to the human race. But herbal medicine can also become a danger – but blame the humans (that’s us) for that as well.

You have to take the necessary precautions to ensure that herbal medicine will be completely beneficial to your body.

First, if you’re going to buy herbal medicine rather than making one for yourself, it’s essential that you buy herbal medicine that’s produced by a reputable company and buy it from a reputable retailer or seller as well. There are a lot of fake herbal medicine out in the market so just to be safe than sorry, do choose one that has proven to be effective.

Secondly, do be aware that it’s very much possible to overdose on herbal medicine. And when that happens, it means that you took more than advised. Hence, do consult your doctor first about the appropriate dosage and even if you feel that it wouldn’t harm you to increase the dosage, let’s just stick to the safe side once more and follow what the good doctor says.

Lastly, it’s imperative that you inform your doctor if you’re already taking other medications because it could react negatively when you start taking herbal medicine as well.

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Dog, Cat, And Other Pet Natural Remedies

Since ancient times, hundreds of thousands of known herbs and other natural remedies have been used to treat human illness, and unwanted conditions. Like people, today pets are affected by the health hazards of pollution, poor nutrition, and stress, and are becoming more and more vulnerable to chronic disease and bad health.

Now more then ever people are starting to realize the value of using natural vitamins, minerals, herbals, and other natural products to prevent or treat dog, cat and other pet diseases such as:>
Pet :>Aggression, Stress, Anxiety
Pet :>Diabetes
Pet :>Digestive Problems
Pet :>Kennel Cough
Pet :>Parasites
Pet :>Urinary Infection, (UTI)

You can also choose from a variety of natural remedies for other types of conditions, such as:>
Pet :>Teething
Pet :>Poor skin and coat conditions
Pet :>Cleanse-Disinfect Wounds
Pet :>Teething Pets
Pet :>Weight Management etc.
Just to name a few.

Many veterinarians are also beginning to recognize the holistic methods of keeping our pets healthy, as well as using them for enhancement and maintenance.

Your pet can be helped by a good diet, with the latest findings leaning towards the development of pet foods with less carbohydrates and more protein. Add the proper supplements and/or herbal formulas as needed, and you will have a healthy, happy, attractive pet.

As you can see there are remedies that can enhance pet’s health, appearance, attitude, and performance. A growing number of the population is using natural herbals with very favorable results, and little or no adverse effects on the family dog, cat, or other pet.

A natural remedy could be the answer.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Herbal Acne Remedy - How To Make It Work For You

There are a variety of herbal acne remedies to choose from. The complete formula herbal acne remedy can be a very effective solution for those who have sensitive skin that can’t handle the traditional chemicals of most acne treatment methods.

However it is important to check the ingredients carefully and take only small amounts of herbal acne remedy to start since there could be a risk of complications. Some medications have some form of complication and unless the product is guaranteed through clinical trials it is important to research and ask your doctor first.

Herbal acne remedy is strongly becoming popular today largely because of the limited risk for side effects. Although not all types of herbal acne remedy will have immediate results so you should worry if you don’t start seeing the effects right away when using herbal treatments. However, in the long run you will probably see better results with well formulated herbal acne remedy if you stick with it.

To be candid with you, you have several choices when it comes to choosing herbal acne remedy. All the herbal acne ingredients on the market are very successful in not only fighting bacteria but also in reducing fungus and viruses so you can clear your acne and also get an head in your general health. Talk of killing two birds with a single stone.

In order for the herbal acne remedy to work you need to make sure you either make it a part of a plan that is comprehensive or buy a herbal acne remedy that already comes in a kit.

While taking the herbal acne remedy it is important that you also eat right, exercise more and include stress management. This way you can get the most benefits from your herbal acne remedy and continue to see results for a long while to come. This may account why thousands of people now regard ClearPores as the most successful herbal acne remedy in the market today.

Ozim Uban is the editor of an updated resource showcasing the absolute acne best natural treatment in the market today. A tremendous research effort, you’ll also be given more FREE ideas, true-life stories and reveal where you can obtain the best acne products in market today. What’s this amazing product? Click here for more information now:

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The PMS Herbal Remedy - Agnus Castus

In this article ‘PMS Herbal Remedy: Agnus Castus’, you will discover:

What is agnus castus?
Why agnus castus is considered a PMS herbal remedy?
How much agnus castus do you need to take as a PMS herbal remedy?
What is Agnus Castus?

Agnus castus is also known as the chaste tree or chasteberry.

It is a perennial shrub which is a native of the Mediterranean and West Asia.

Agnus castus helps stimulate progesterone production and the release of hormones.

Why Agnus Castus Is Considered A PMS Herbal Remedy?

Agnus castus is considered a PMS herbal remedy because it helps to normalize the balance of progesterone and oestrogen during the menstrual cycle.

In women with excessive levels of prolactin, trials have shown that agnus castus helps to block the secretions which can help to reduce breast tenderness and other PMS symptoms.

How Much Agnus Castus Do You Need To Take As A PMS Herbal Remedy?

As a PMS herbal remedy, try 200 mg of agnus castus extract once per day in the morning with vitamin B6 and a glass of mineral water.

Agnus castus is slow working; it may take up to four cycles before effects show.

Warning: As with all herbs, please consult your doctor before taking agnus castus.

Do not take agnus castus if you are pregnant or on another hormone treatment.

So, to sum up…

Agnus castus is a perennial shrub which is also known as the chaste tree or chasteberry.

Agnus castus is considered a PMS herbal remedy because it helps to normalize the balance of progesterone and oestrogen during the menstrual cycle.

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The 4 Tips For Cleaning You Colon Naturally

Nature proposed a system for your colon to get rid of bacteria and waste material, and absorb minerals and water while preserving electrolyte and fluid balance. A colon that is unable to carry out these functions appropriately, as impacted fecal stuff makes extra toxins in your body that broaden to all parts of your body with the engrossed fluids.

Several health problems, such as constipation, lack of energy and abdominal pain, may be inter related to an unhealthful bowel caused largely or partly by drinking and eating products that creates a lot of waste inside your colon. People take a great quantity of toxic material daily, including sugar, caffeine, white flour; microwave cooked food, aspartame, deep fried foods, and hydrogenated fats which is the cause of unwanted matter in your colon forming daily in pounds. To remove these unwanted buildup natural colon cleansing is an easy and better way.

There are several colon cleansing techniques that you can put in your lifestyle and make it easy. You may try them right now.

1. To begin the process of colon cleansing, you should make certain alterations to your diet. Your diet should be full of natural ingredients such as fruits, green vegetables, minerals and water. You have to change your diet in nature intended manner.

2. Enhancements in food frequently bring sufficient results by you, and the cleansing of colon starts here naturally. The adequate amount of fiber is essential for starting a cleansing. The amount should be at least 25-30 grams regularly with food or with water.

3. Drinking water is necessary for a strong colon. To excite the natural peristaltic exploit, you should drink at least 6 or more glasses of pure water daily full of minerals. If you take sufficient water and use an enough amount of thread, after half or one month your colon surely will restore all its function.

4. Herbs are the big way to achieve a gentle colon cleansing. Recopies made with herbals help us in removing harmful parasites, bacteria, fecal matter, and prevent toxin configuration. It also improves the task of colon muscles for promoting regular and natural movements of bowel.

The history of using herbals for colon cleansing is very big. The herbals are tested for ages. Mostly all the herbals used in colon cleansing have cathartic and liver cleansing actions. Senna, aloe leaf, cascara sagrada, cayenne pepper and ginger are the herbs help us to eliminate the impurities of colon by inspiring movements of bowel. Every natural recopies of colon cleansing includes some bitter plants which encourage the bile flow of colon and cleanse the liver. These plants kill the harmful bacteria and also prevent the gas formation from our liver.

You may find these colon cleansing herbals from almost all of the health stores. You should follow the instruction given on the instruction manual. Several cleansing herbals are available in ready to use packets. Use these herbs to get rid of bowel movements that can hydrate you. You should use these herbs according the need of your colon. Overuse may harm your colon or liver.

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The Health Benefits Of Herbs

From times immemorial, man has experimented and used herbs to heal and fight common ailments. While they should not take the place of medical advice, herbs can be a great supplement to your current medical care.

Herbal products are derived from botanical sources. There are many common herbs that have healing properties which you may not even know about.

Most of the herbal products are used for their nutritional value. Some of the herbs like rosemary, garlic, and even cayenne you may associate with cooking, but these plants also have medicinal properties.

Most of the herbal products available today are conveniently processed and packed as herbal tea or coffee, and in the form of capsules as health food.

There are many ebooks on herbs and natural cures. Also there are quality articles about herbs and how you can use them to improve your health.

The internet is a great resource. It is a good place to look. There are many websites that provide information on herbs, herbal treatments and herbal supplements. Take your time and browse these websites. They can provide you valuable information on how to choose the right herbal products for you.

Before using any herbal product it is best to check out the source and labels to make sure the herbs are safe for general consumption.

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The Herbals Detox

The process of herbals detoxification mainly consists of taking pills and liquids containing herbs like milk thistle, chlorophyll, red clover, and licorice roots.

herbals detox is said to rid the kidney, colon, and liver of harmful toxins. herbals detox products are also said to strengthen the muscles of the large intestine, improve digestion, cleanse the liver and the gall bladder, and help in the elimination of intestinal parasites.

Herbs can be taken in tea, powder, or extract form. Powders act best when taken with meals or digestive enzymes. herbals teas are the simplest form of herbals detox and can be taken and made all through the day. Alcohol is sometimes used to make extracts, but these extracts should be avoided if possible.

Water plays a very important role in a general herbals detox diet. It comprises of a breakfast of water with lime, or apple cider vinegar. Blackstrap molasses can also be used as can Psyillum husk powder.

Digestive enzymes, liver herbs, dandelion, licorice, and ginger fennel herbals teas should be taken during meals.

herbals detox pills are also on the market that are generally herbs in pill form. Some of the ingredients of the herbals detox pills are fennel, basil, celery, and parsley.

In addition to general herbals detox, there are also detox methodologies by which specific organs can be targeted and cleansed, such as the colon and the liver. Also, make sure you are consuming a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, meats, and carbohydrates. That way, your herbals detox regimen will have its greatest effects on your system. General health is the key to proper and steady detox.

Detox provides detailed information on Detox, Detox Diet, Drug Detox, Alcohol Detox and more. Detox is affiliated with Drug Detoxification.

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The Benefits of Herbals Weight Loss

In today’s world, it is commonplace to see everything labeled as natural or herbals. Already on the shelves today are millions of “all herbals” and “all natural” products, including dietary supplements and herbals medicine supplements.

When did the sudden influx of these products start? It’s possible that the herbals supplement and herbals product trend began when the media began to focus on dietary health and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Recognizing the advantages of herbals medicines and natural remedies can also be traced back to our ancestors thousands of years ago. Dating back to 2800 B.C., humans have seen and recorded the benefits of herbals remedies. And now it is your turn!

herbals medicine and herbals alternatives can be traced a long way through history. Starting within the last 5,000 years all the way up to today, herbals medicine and herbals alternatives are a necessity for those looking for a healthy, natural way to augment their health and treat all sorts of health problems.

Benefits to some of the herbals medicines and herbals alternatives currently on the market include but are not limited to:


Prescription drugs are more expensive than herbals medicines.

Lower Side Effects

herbals medicines are not only more convenient, but a far healthier solution than prescription drugs. However, it’s important to remember that, just because the word “natural” is included in natural and herbals alternatives, it does not guarantee their safety.

It is crucial to consult your doctor before taking any type of herb, as some herbals medicines and herbals alternatives have proven to be harmful. It’s also important to remember that herbals supplements are not drugs and are not classified as such. However, herbals medicines appear to have many advantages over traditional drugs, including a lower occurrence of side effects.

Effectiveness and Potency

Unsatisfactory results with traditional healthcare often result in a search for alternative treatments. Keep in mind, however, the efficacy of herbals medicines is patient-subjective.

Genetic variations from patient to patient, as well as the ingredients’ different growing conditions, method and timing of harvest, and exposure to air and light may all affect the potency of a natural herbals medicine or herbals supplement.

Ultimately, herbals medicine and herbals alternatives have drawbacks and strong points. Keep in mind that herbals medicines are not a surefire way to heal anything, but are generally a very wallet-friendly, effective health solution.

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The Herbal Supplement

Herbals Supplement – what is it?

So what is an Herbals supplement? The Herbals supplement is a supplement that provides you body with various nutrients necessary for your health and which is based of herbs and natural products. There are a wide variety of different types of Herbals supplements available in the market nowadays. The benefits that each Herbals supplement claims are also numerous and diverse.

Herbals Supplement – the risks.

Many of the benefits that some type of Herbals supplement or supplements claims on its label are not supported by scientific evidence or scientific research. According to medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay, preliminary research on St. John's wort for depression and gingko biloba for improvement cognitive function has not shown much of a benefit beyond that of the placebo effect. That doesn’t mean though that all Herbals supplements are fake. That only means that there is such a risk until more research is done.

Herbals Supplement – the variety.

You can find a good range of different brands, ingredients, and doses of Herbals supplements in health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, discount stores, etc. According to medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay, there are at least 880 different variations of the 10 best selling herbs. It can become very confusing to choose the best Herbals supplement.

Numerous brands vary significantly in the ingredients used in production of some type of Herbals supplement and in recommended dosages. The prices vary significantly too. You can definitely find the cheap or discounted Herbals supplements, but with the price drop the quality usually drops. Also with cheap Herbals supplements you have a gooder chance of purchasing a fake product. Consult with your doctor or other health professionals before you start taking some type of Herbals supplement.
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Herbal Remedy - Herbal Vitamins

In reading about herbal remedies, it should be noted that herbs and vitamins are closely connected. Most herbs contain certain types of vitamins, and vitamins are naturally from living things, including plants. From this close connection, the idea for herbal vitamins comes about.

When we talk about herbal vitamins, we are basically talking about those herbal based vitamins - vitamins that are from herbs. Just like the vitamins that are derived from animal sources, herbal vitamins must also be absorbed in the body by providing it in the diet or in nutritional supplements. The basis for that is the fact that the human body can’t produce or synthesize the herbal vitamins.

Herbal vitamins are vital to the proper functioning of the human body. In fact, they are very necessary for our growth, vitality, as well as for our general well being. One of the big misunderstandings in the world today is the idea that herbal vitamins can be substituted for food. This is not true. In fact, some experts think that herbal vitamins should not be ingested without consuming food. This is important to read up on a herbal remedy such as herbal vitamins.

Incidentally, herbal vitamins help in the regulation of metabolism. In addition, they also aid in converting fats and carbohydrates into energy. Plus, herbal vitamins help in the development of tissues and bones.

One example of herbal vitamins is the vitamin A or beta-carotene which is necessary for the body, particularly for growth and repair of body tissues. Many herbs contain this vitamin, especially those that are use especially for keeping a smooth, soft, and disease-free skin.

Today, herbal vitamins nutritional supplements are now offered in many health food stores, and one of those is the herbal vitamin called as Vitalerbs. It consist of alfalfa, dandelion, kelp, and some other combinations of useful herbs. This herbal vitamin is said to be easier to digest because it contains whole foods. This form of herbal vitamins is now massively circulated because it has been proven safe and effective.

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Natural Remedies For Cleaning Up Bacterial Vaginosis.

What is bacterial vaginosis?

Also known as vaginitis, it's a common vaginal infection observed among sexually active women of reproductive age.

More frequent and widespread than yeast infections, this condition occurs when healthy vaginal bacteria are replaced by an overabundance of harmful bacteria.

What causes it?

Factors appearing to favor the multiplication of the harmful vaginal bacteria include: The wearing of nonabsorbent undergarments, use of perfumed tampons which disrupt the normal pH balance of the vagina, and the use of unsterilized contraception devices. Failure to practice adequate hygiene contributes to the development of the condition, too. And although bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease, engaging in intercourse with an infected partner can cause symptoms, and frequent sexual activity further increases the risk.

What are the symptoms?

Vaginal irritation and itching, in some cases accompanied by redness, swelling, light bleeding, and a burning sensation during urination.

Bacterial vaginosis also raises the pH level of the vagina, altering the color and odor of normal discharge. In addition, it can increases the patient's risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV/AIDS. The infection creates complications during pregnancy in some cases, and if left untreated may eventually develop into more serious inflammatory pelvic disease.

Are there natural remedies available?

Though patients should see a doctor if the condition persists or if symptoms become unbearable, there are several easy-to-use natural remedies, too:

YOGURT, a rich source of "good bacteria," can be applied directly to the affected region. Consuming yogurt in generous amounts also assists in treatment.

TEA BAGS, soaked in cold water and applied to the infected area, relieve itching and irritation.

And APPLE CIDER VINEGAR added to bath water, can help restore a normal vaginal pH level, and reduce discomfort.

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Natural Remedies For Scratching Out Body Rash

What is body rash?

An inflamed or irritated patch of skin, a body rash is generally considered a minor medical problem that can be treated and eliminated with simple home remedies.

However, in some cases, a persistent rash may be a symptom of an illness or chronic condition that requires professional medical attention.

What are the symptoms?

Skin rashes can develop anywhere on the body, and the symptoms often include:

• Itching

• Redness

• Cracking

• Dryness

• Lesions

• Scaling

• Swelling

It's important to consult a physician when rashes are accompanied by extreme soreness, swelling, fever, joint pain, streaks of redness, or tightness in the throat as these might be signs of a more serious illness.

What are the causes?

Lots of things can cause a body rash, including but not limited to:

• Direct exposure to specific irritants or allergens (such as poison ivy, certain chemicals, or foods)

• Acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders

• Viral, fungal, and bacterial infections

• Insect bites

• Parasite infection

• Exposure to extreme cold, dry, or hot weather conditions

• Other medical disorders such as liver disease, kidney disease, and certain types of cancer

What are the natural treatments?

Minor body rashes usually disappear without any treatment. However, some natural remedies have been proven helpful in alleviating itch and soreness.

OATMEAL makes an effective itch-relieving scrub. Simply pour one cup of oatmeal into a cotton sock and secure with a rubber band to make a sponge. Then, use the sponge in a warm bath to clean and soothe the skin.

ALOE VERA gel, known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, sunscreen and healing properties, can be applied directly to the skin to soothe and heal as well.

Article Source: Tariq_Ansari

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Natural Vs Chemical Health Remedies - Which Is Better?

Natural remedies are both old-fashioned and high tech - the idea of using what the earth can offer in order to cure what ails you has become an important exercise in medicine both now and in our history.

There are many types of natural remedies out there. Some of the most common ones rely on the power of herbs in order to cure illnesses and trauma. These herbs can be just as potent, if not more so, than traditional Western medicine. Take tea tree oil for example - an Australian product that is harvested from the melaleuca tree. This essential oil has long been used by indigenous peoples of Australia as an antiseptic and anti-fungal topical medicine, but it was not imported to other parts of the world until the 1920's. Today, many people use this oil instead of harsh chemical antiseptics, to cure things ranging from small skin infections to even washing areas of the house that could be contaminated!

Another natural remedy found long ago but still used today is white willow bark. The bark of this tree was the original component of aspirin. The white willow's bark contains a compound known as salicin - related chemically to aspirin that is used today. This component is what can be used as a fever reducer and pain reliever, and has been used since the times of the ancient Egyptians. Today, some people prefer white willow bark to the harsher aspirin chemical compound.

There are also many natural remedies that fall under the label of homeopathy. Homeopathy is not the same as just using herbs and oils from plants - it is an entire school of thought on natural cures. Homeopathic remedies use minute traces of substances to cure ills - substances that would actually produce the same effect as the illness if given in large amounts. The idea of homeopathy is that "like cures like", and so tiny amounts of natural compounds are given to patients with ideas like coffee will cure insomnia.

Chinese remedies also use nature to cure ills. They are very specific prescriptions of herbs, roots and other plant and animal extracts that are meant to help different organs fight illness. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that different organs govern different illnesses, and that certain natural preparations will make those organs well again. This type of medicine has been practiced much longer than Western medicine - and many people believe that these natural cures work better than what today's medical technology has to offer.

John Grimes is with - makers of natural remedies for the outdoors such as natural insect repellent, remedy rubs and more.

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The Herbals Treatment For Acid Reflux

Herbal Treatment For Acid Reflux
Many people who now suffer from acid reflux prefer not to use prescribed medication in order to treat the problem as they do not want to suffer from any unwanted side effects. Certainly more and more people are now looking for natural ways of treating acid reflux.

There are now plenty of herbal treatments for acid reflux and are based on what herbalists known with regard to the use of traditional medicines and how to use traditional medicinal plants. A lot of the herbal treatment for acid reflux available today are common food herbs that will be found in anybody’s kitchen.

The great thing about using acid reflux herbal treatments is that they do not cause the user to suffer any risks if used for long periods of time. However, whether or not they are effective is still largely unknown.

If you are someone who is diagnosed as suffering from acid reflux it is essential that you make regular appointments to see your doctor or healthcare provider even if you think you have the problem under control. Plus when you visit your doctor, it is important that you advise them what kinds of herbal and natural remedies or treatments you are using for your condition.

Also should you start to suffer from any new or different symptoms in relation to the problem these should also be immediately be brought to your doctor’s attention as they may be the underlying cause of something else.

Today the kind of herbal treatment for acid reflux a person can use include chamomile, slippery elm, fennel, angelica root, ginger root, catnip, meadowsweet along with peppermint, lavender and chicory root.

Plus you may also want to consider using aloe in order to treat the problem. A large number of herbalists have certainly found that a combination of various different herbals such as peppermint, lavender and aniseed when made into a tea are extremely effective in dealing with the symptoms of acid reflux.

Such ingredients have often been used previously for treating indigestion problems and although they may help to relieve the symptoms it is best that a person also makes changes to their dietary habits and the kind of lifestyle they lead to help prevent the problem from becoming much worse.

Article Source: Ricky_Lim

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The Herbals for Skin Care

Herbs have been used in skin care from times immemorial. Ancient Ayurvedic texts in India speak of the use various herbs, such as, basil, turmeric, and saffron in skin care preparations. Herbs are now being increasingly used in the manufacture of skin care products across the world because of their healing and rejuvenating properties. Some brands do not even use artificial preservatives in their products, instead depending on the inherent quality of certain herbs to preserve themselves.

Today, aloe vera is one of the most popular herbs, hailed for its skin-soothing and anti-aging properties. It is used in cleansers, face washes, massage creams, sunscreens, and anti-acne products. Tea tree oil is also widely used in skin care products for its antiseptic and anti-acne properties. Ginseng, sage, rosemary, witch hazel, chamomile, calendula, and arnica are also popular. They are used in the manufacture of skin care products for different skin types, based on their properties.

Basil and mint are used in acne skin care because of their anti-bacterial and refreshing properties. Fresh basil or mint juice can be applied everyday on pimples. Turmeric is another essential ingredient in many skin care products because of its antiseptic quality. It ensures a glowing, blemish-free complexion. Fresh turmeric fingers can be ground with a little milk and applied on the face and the body. Pure saffron is widely used in traditional medicinal and skin care preparations in India and the Middle East. A few almonds and saffron strands can be soaked in milk and then ground into a paste with the milk. Mixed with rosewater, this face mask nourishes and revitalizes skin. These are simple herbal skin care preparations that can be made by everybody at home. However, elaborate herbal remedies should not be attempted at home without proper knowledge of herbs and their effects.

To conclude, certain herbs are very beneficial for the skin and products containing them can be used with good effect. However, products of only reputed brands should be used, as the wrong mix of herbs could create problems. Skin Care provides detailed information on Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Natural Skin Care, Anti Aging Skin Care and more. Skin Care is affiliated with Natural Skin Care Products.

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Tips for Finding Effective Herbals Acne Treatments

Chances are, if you find yourself reading this article, you have suffered the feelings of embarassment, self-consciousness and insecurity an acne breakout can bring on in what seems like the blink of an eye. Suddenly, you find yourself checking the mirror every hour on the hour, hoping the blemishes on your face have spontaneously cleared and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

You feel sure that everyone you come in contact with is zooming in on each and every blemish, and why wouldn't they be? It's certainly the first thing YOU see when you look in the mirror!

Now, imagine you experience this exact scenario every day of your life, as many men and women do who suffer chronic adult acne, far beyond the "acne prone" years of adolescence. The fact is, acne remains a very real and persistent problem in today's society for men and women, teenagers and adults, and instead of going away or getting better, it seems to be more prominent and more severe than ever.

What this can be attributed to is the subject of much debate in the medical and dermatological community. Higher stress levels? More hormones and synthetic chemicals in our foods? Genes? Changing diets? It's anyone's guess, but the fact remains that acne is a very real cause for emotional distress, self-consciousness and insecurity for many, and it shows no signs of getting better.

With the advent of modern dermatology and medical science, there have been some excellent new products that combine modern science and nature to form a hybrid product superior to many of it's prescription counterparts, and highly effective for many who have found that traditional treatments failed them in the long run. The aim of these products is to facilitate hormonal balance, therefore targeting acne at the source, from the inside, rather than the outside alone.

Some of these herbal acne medicines have proven highly effective in combatting acne by "cleansing" the skin from the inside, getting to the source of the problem by balancing the natural testosterone and estrogen found within the male and female body. When looking for a natural acne treatment alternative, be sure to check the ingredients and indications.

Chances are, it's a good product that will probably do what it says if it puts itself in the category of either a high antioxidant supplement, or if it has herbs and natural ingredients which help to calm the nervous system, which in turn will usually help to calm raging hormone levels that often accompany acne. Excess testosterone and excess estrogen are the primary causes of acne, hence the most common years for acne breakouts are the teenage years of hormonal turmoil.

Natural acne products can actually clear the skin for good, only requiring occasional follow up treatments, whereas conventional methods can require constant treatment, and the results disappear as soon as the individual weens themselves off the medicine. Also, many acne treatments prescribed by doctors or dermatologists are antibiotic in nature.

Continuous antibiotic treatment can actually result in antibiotic resistance in the body, meaning when you really need your body to respond to antibiotic treatment, such as in illness, it may have built a tolerance and need more powerful meds to respond correctly. Some prescribed acne medications can even be dangerous, and are to be taken only for the most severe cases of acne and with the utmost caution (Acutane).

These treatments and systems are designed to target the hormones, balancing them in many cases for good, and requiring little or no follow up treatment or monitoring. They can work for people (myself a case-in-point), who have had every other conventional acne treatment fail them time and time again, or become ineffective over time.

Overall, herbal acne remedies have proven to be a highly effective and cost effective alternative for countless acne sufferers. If they weren't effective they would not be such a popular category of skin care products today, both online and in higher end department stores. Nature works harder and also works in unison with our bodies, unlike many drugs that can disrupt and "clutter" our bodies.

Article Source: Danna_Schneider

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