Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Male Pattern Baldness - Man Hair Loss


Man hair loss is something which is very common today. Almost every man comes across this situation of hair loss after about 40 years of age. But some have a major problem which leads to baldness. The main reasons for the hair loss in men are stress and heredity. Another important reason for it is the increase of sensitivity in the sex hormones of a male which is called as androgens. It is better to use Zulvera hair shampoo to avoid hair loss.

The reasons for the loss of hair in men

The reasons for the loss of hair in men are that there are certain areas in the scalp which are very sensitive to the sex hormones and they circulate in the blood. These hormones shrink the follicles. The shrinking becomes so tiny that the hair starts falling and is not able to grow again. Though these follicles are alive they are of no use since the hair cannot grow in such areas. This type of hair loss in men starts between the ages of twenty to thirty years or later. Initially the hair starts gradually thinning or decreasing and later becomes completely bald in men.

Prevention of hair loss in men

Man hair loss can be prevented by the way of medical treatment and if proper care is taken of ones hair. For this reason, the shampoo named Zulvera can be used which can protect the hair and revitalize it. This is an herbal based shampoo and causes no side effects since they are extracted from Natural herbals. Besides this shampoo there are other treatments which a physician can offer after examining the previous medical history of the patient. Though the doctor can treat the patient for baldness, the best solution for man hair loss is to properly maintain and ensure that any kind of treatment should not have any side effects. Zulvera, the herbal shampoo from natural herbals has no side effects.

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