Thursday, May 29, 2008

Herbs for Constipation : Chronic Constipation

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Chronic Constipation
Anyone who has suffered from chronic constipation understands the frustration it creates. Pain, lethargy, and the knowledge that the body has not properly eliminated the waste inside it can be terrible feelings. Constipation affects everything from energy levels to abdominal bloating, so the desire to be done with this unnecessary affliction is understandable. But how?

There are many constipation remedies available on the market. Over-the-counter constipation fixes typically involve a gritty, drinkable substance that may fix the problem for a short period of time, but do nothing to end chronic constipation. A constipation sufferer can choose to continue dealing with the short-term fixes or get to the root of the real problem.

Curing Chronic Constipation
People suffering from chronic constipation are dealing with some sort of buildup in the intestines. Thanks to the chemicals, air pollutants, and unseen parasites in our modern world, the body has to deal with--and try to eliminate--an unprecedented amount of toxic matter. The intestines are incapable of processing so many foreign substances, causing the intestines to give up on some. This is where intestinal buildup begins.

Nature can only do so much. To cure chronic constipation, outside action should be taken. Colonix, our herbal cleanse, has been proven to eliminate waste from the body and clear the intestines of dangerous parasites and chemical buildup. A simple, several-month process, cleansing the intestines will get even the most constant constipation sufferer cleaned out. At, we're happy and excited to get you back on the road to good health.