Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Herbs: Herbal Dosages

Herbal medicine is an alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals. Herbal remedies derive from natural sources such as roots, seeds, plants and leaves. Patients with sensitive systems or allergies often use herbal medicines for treatment because this type of alternative remedy can be easier on the system. Herbal medicines are, for the most part, safer and milder than mainstream drugs. They carry less chance of dependence and you can easily incorporate them into your diet, encouraging long term health. However, herbal remedies must also be treated with restraint. While some agents show no long term effects, others can cause devastating health problems if taken in excess.

Before starting an herbal regimen, the patient should research any possible side effects of the herb and map out their dosage. Some herbs which promote health in the short term eventually will strain or damage the liver and other organs. Herbal dosages must be followed and respected as strictly as those of prescription medications.

Herbal dosages do not differ greatly from traditional medications, but they vary depending on how the herb is extracted and packaged. Most popular remedies are available in the form of teas, tinctures, powders and even pills. Depending on which type is bought, the dosage and frequency will change. The form determines how the herb is administered and the potency of the dosages. A tea may only be taken once or twice a day while a pill might call for three times daily. The packaging will always be explicit as to proper dosage depending on the user’s age and medical condition.

Herbal dosages must be completed as instructed or prescribed in order to achieve their full effect. A low or insufficient dosage of herbs will not see your condition improve. Your bank account will suffer and your patience will wane as the remedies have no quantifiable benefit to your health.

Of course, when measuring out herb dosages and period of consumption, moderation is key. Keep to your herbal regimen until your health has improved and then try to stay healthy without them. Long term use of herbs like gingko biloba and ginseng can damage your liver and upset your general health. Herbal remedies should be respected as nurturing your health, but your health should not rely completely upon herbs.

Herbs: Dosage