Thursday, May 29, 2008

Healing Wonders of Herbs

The use of organic medicines has been an alternative healing practice for centuries. But until now, the practice is still relevant to many cultures, people and societies. Since the prices of manufactured drugs are getting higher these days, many people opt for herbal medicine and medicinal plants treatment. A study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that an estimated 80% of the world populatrion rely on herbal medicine or similar medicinal plants preparations.

Why is that so? Well, besides from the fact that these natural herbs and plants are cheaper and readily available in our gardens or backyards, these are also “organic.” This means that, unlike the conventional or manufactured medicine we buy in drugstores, herbal medicine is in its natural, purest form. But are there really such things as healing wonders of herbs?

Researchers around the world have proven the effectiveness of medicinal plants and have uncovered the healing wonders of herbs. Herbalists say that medicinal plants are very effetive herbal medicine. They claim that natural herbs can be practical remedies for common ailments.

Now, let us find out the healing wonders of herbs. Is this claim supported by scientific explanation?

If we are to talk about the healing wonders of herbs, we are to discover the healing elements in nature. It is also imperative to look into the role of medicinal plants in healing practices around the world. There is a lot of information regarding the history and many uses of herbs. The practice of herbal medicine has existed since prehistoric times. There are over 80,000 species of plants that are used for healing purposes. Herbal medicine, alongside acupuncture, is considered primary health practice in China. Herbalists and folk healers say that the healing wonders of herbs are very real. Each herb has specific healing properties. Herbalists use different parts of herbs and plants to to prevent, relieve, and treat illnesses.