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Stroking Tips For Chest and Neck Massage

Continue the chest and shoulder massage with gentle stroking movements. This will gentle stroking movement. This will disperse the oil and soothe the area at the same time.

Spread the oil by stroking the whole chest and shoulder area with firm, flowing movements. Start with your hands next to each other, just below the clavicle at the base of her neck.

Stroke down the chest toward the breast or nipple, keeping the pressure smooth but firm. Then fan out your hands and, keeping them relaxed, glide out across the chest toward the shoulders.

Making sure your hands mold to the contours of your partner's body, stroke over the shoulders. Cup your hands over the shoulders and gently press the shoulders toward the feet or down onto the floor.

Swing your fingers around to the back of the shoulders. Stroke behind them, and bring your fingers slowly up the back of the neck. Then glide your hands very lightly down the sides of the neck to the collarbone. Repeat the sequence at least four times.

Additional chest touches

After stretching and stroking you can try anyone, or a combination, of the following moves: knuckling, deep pressures, and kneading.


Make your hands into fists and ripple your fingers around to make small circular movements with your knuckles. Work gently all over your partner's chest, then move to behind the shoulders, and all around the base of the neck, where you can work more deeply.

Deep pressures

Make a series of thumb pressures on the muscles between the ribs. Start in the middle and work in lines out toward the shoulders. Pressures in this area can be painful, so be guided by your partner's reaction when deciding on depth.

Get feedback about what you are doing. Find out what feels good, what is not so pleasant, and what hurts. An involuntary flinch or a verbal expression will usually make it obvious. If you know your partner well, communication will not be a problem, but you may have to keep asking if you are massaging a stranger.


You can use this technique to great advantage on the fleshy area in front of the armpits. Pick up and squeeze the muscle with alternate hands. Work with both hands together on one side of the body, and then move to the other side and repeat the action. This simple motion can release tension not only in the chest, but also in the arms and back,

The muscle in front of the armpit is called the pectoralis, which is Latin for breast. This area is often affected by emotional stress, so massage the area with sensitivity.

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