Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Face and Head Massage

Good face massage can soothe away anxiety, headaches, and exhaustion, and replace them with a feeling of serenity and well-being. It can leave people looking and feeling years younger. By stimulating circulation, a face massage gives a healthy, vibrant glow to the complexion, and by relaxing taut muscles, it rids the face of weariness. Head massage is the perfect complement to face massage, and the result is relaxation in every part of the body. A thin layer of muscle covers the skull, which tightens when we are tense, leading to headaches and stress. A head massage can relax this muscle and generally ease tension and anxiety throughout the body.

Stroke away your worries

A face massage can literally stroke away tension. For the best effect your hands must be relaxed, and the movements should feel flowing and confident. Remember that the face is particularly sensitive, so be sure to use enough lubrication that you avoid dragging the skin. Also check that your hands are completely free of rough skin and that your nails are short so that they don't scratch your partner's face.

You need experience to give a good face massage, so you need to practice. Try out the movements on your knee and on your own face.


This rhythmic stroke covers the entire face and spreads the oil. Use a fine face oil, or an enriched face cream, and kneel behind your partner's head.

Start with your hands at the base of the neck, then sweep them up to the chin, using the whole surface of your hands. Pause for a moment.

Stroke out under the jaw to the ears, molding your hands to the contours of the face. Pause for a moment with your palms resting over the ears, then glide your hands back down under the chin.

Stroke with your fingertips from the chin, around the mouth, to the nostrils. Continue stroking up the sides of the nose, pausing just below the eyes, then glide out under the cheekbones and up to the temples, and return to the chin.

Stroke up the front of the face again, but this time continue up to the bridge of the nose. Pause, then stroke out across the forehead to the temples. Pause and press, then glide down to the chin. Repeat steps 1-4 at least four times.

Never give a full face massage to someone who is wearing contact lenses. Ask your partner to remove their lenses before you start, or take care to avoid the eye area.

Cupping the face

Cup your hands over your partner's face, with the palms on the forehead and your fingers over the mouth. Hold them there for a moment. Then, press down very gently. Following this, release the pressure and draw your hands out to the sides. Pause here for a moment, then repeat the whole sequence.

When cupping the face, I imagine that my hands are magnets and that I am drawing all the tension out of my client's face.

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