Friday, June 6, 2008

Red Ginsing Candy

What better way to enjoy the benefits of ginsing than to take it in a very tasty red ginsing candy? Perhaps the "red" ginsing stays in the name when talking about the candy because the ginsing must be processed to use in the candy. "White" ginsing refers to a raw root of the herb. Regardless, American ginsing, Korean ginsing and ginsing without nomenclature is available online and in Asian grocery stores.

You can even purchase ginsing chewing gum. Keep in mind, again, that these products may have more sugar than anything and may not offer the actual benefits of taking an infusion of the herb or mincing raw bits of the root into your food. Ginger, however - now there is an herb that can be used for candy and really make a difference - both in your taste buds and in an upset stomach after a large meal. Ginger chews, in fact, have won international candy competitions for many years.