Sunday, June 1, 2008

Amarican Ginseng :Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng increases resistance to the effects of stress and improves circulation and mental functioning. Health conditions contributed to be stress include increased acidity of the body chemistry, back pain, cancer, Crohn's disease (inflammation of the intestinal tract), depression, chronic diarrhea, digestive disorders, hair loss, headaches, hypertension or high blood pressure, impotence, insomnia, TMJ syndromes (jaw pain and clicking), nervous and anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors, various skin conditions, and finally, ulcers.

Ginseng has shown cancer-preventive effects and may reduce the risk of several types of cancer. One study found that among more than 4,600 people over the age of 40, ginseng users were approximately 70% less likely to develop cancer compared to those who did not take the herb. They also found that the more frequently ginseng was consumed, the lower the risk of getting cancer was.

Dried ginseng root may help people with type 2 diabetes control blood sugar levels. One study showed that in the diabetics, ginseng lowered blood sugar 20% more than placebo pills. Among those who did not have diabetes, there was also a similar drop in blood sugar levels.

Over 3,500 clinical studies by scientists in Sweden, United States, Korea, Japan, and Russia conclude that Ginseng alters the body's anatomical and biochemical response characteristics during the alarm stage of stress; specifically it reduces the activation of the adrenal cortex, limiting the shriveling of the thymus and lymph glands therefore reducing the number of bleeding ulcers within the stomach and lessening other destructive processes.

Many of these studies also indicate that Ginseng:

-Reduces the effects of most types of stress
-Combats fatigue
-Slows down the aging process
-Rejuvenates glandular secretions (hormones), therefore improving the metabolic function of -the liver, kidneys, and other organs.
-Aids the spleen in maintaining the circulation of blood volume and production of blood cells
-Is beneficial to the lymphatic glands
-Lessens the absorption and retention of cholesterol
-Improves vision, hearing, circulation
-Normalizes high blood sugar content
-Reduces moderately high blood pressure
-Raises low blood pressure
-Fights atherosclerosis
-Regulates sleep cycles

Ginseng's healing properties include: the ability to allow the body not to overload on stress - by returning the hormones, glands and organs to homeostasis (balance) as quickly as possible thus reducing the wear and tear of stress on the body and therefore inhibiting aging and chronic health problems.