Sunday, June 1, 2008

American Ginseng:Wisconsin Ginseng

Wisconsin Ginseng is known worldwide as the purest, highest quality ginseng. Panax quinquefolius, better known as American Ginseng, is a white root with medicinal properties known to relieve stress, increase stamina and increase resistance to common illnesses such as colds. Wisconsin has the ideal climate and mineral-rich soil conditions for growing the perfect ginseng root. When consumers want the best ginseng, they ask for Wisconsin Ginseng; the world’s finest.

Why Wisconsin Ginseng?
Wisconsin has cool summers, rolling hills and virgin soil to grow highly potent American ginseng. Producers in Wisconsin also have generations of growing experience. Their hard work and advanced farming practices produce the world's highest quality cultivated ginseng.

Wisconsin Ginseng Quality
Wisconsin Ginseng is known as the highest-quality panax quinquefolius in the world and has the reputation for the best quality in the world.

The United States has strict pesticide usage standards for agricultural products. Pesticides used on Wisconsin-grown American Ginseng have satisfied rigorous safety tests established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Recently, the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin has worked extensively to develop U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) grading standards for cultivated American ginseng to assure the marketplace of consistency in ginseng produced.

Additionally, Wisconsin Ginseng contains very high ginsenoside (the active ingredient) levels. Comparitavely speaking, Wisconsin Ginseng generally averages higher levels of ginsenoside than panax quinquefolius grown outside of the United States. Wisconsin Ginsing also offers the highly-desired bitter taste. This unique taste gives Wisconsin Ginseng the reputation for the best quality in the world.

The GBW is managed by an elected board of seven Ginseng producers. The board functions under a marketing order managed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection.

About Wisconsin Ginseng
Know Your Ginseng
Ginseng is a key ingredient used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is also widely used in Western cultures a dietary supplement and botanical element.

There are two types of ginseng. Often both types are taken for a health balancing effect. Consumers take American ginseng for a cooling effect and Asian ginseng for a heating effect.

Types of Ginseng
Panax quinquefolius (American ginseng)
This ginseng is white root and generally used to cool the body. It is an adaptogen (a substance that helps the body adapt to stress) that cools and soothes. American ginseng is produced in Wisconsin

Panax ginseng (Asian ginseng)
This warms the body. This root is red and is typically grown in China and Korea. It is used to increase stimulation and warm the body.

Note: although the name might indicate otherwise, Siberian ginseng is technically not a species of ginseng.

The Yin and Yang of It
According to Chinese philosophy, the universe is said to be composed of Yin and Yang, or opposites. The balance of opposites determines the order of the universe. This concept of opposing natural forces is widespread among philosophers in Chinese history.

Yin and Yang requires bodily functions, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and energy to be in balance. Wisconsin American Ginseng represents the Yin for the body; it has a cooling effect. The Yang is represented by Asian ginseng with its heating effect.