Monday, June 16, 2008

Vegetable juices and health benefits

For most people know how good the nature of vegetable to anyone but still some of us didn't pay attention to what healthy living is about. I'm not an exemption to that, oftentimes I ignore vegetables and still prefer meat or something which is delicious.

It's just recently that I, myself, experience how bad meat can be to my body. I always feel bloated, easily gets tired, generate lots of pimples, and many things which I attributed to not eating healthy foods like vegetables.

I learned now my lesson and I want to share you too what I learned, how beneficial vegetable juices are to our body.

Common let's give it a try, after all it's not only us who will benefit but moreover the people we loved dearly.

Here are some of the nature's good vegetable that makes also good nutritious juices for you and your family.

1. CELERY: It Promotes appetite, could lower blood pressure, help eliminate fat in blood, can reduce weight, helps with urination, eliminate stone, gives you strong teeth, normalize digestion system organs (internal organs)
2. CHINESE CUCUMBER (DUA Leo Loai NHo): This yummy thing cleans blood, lowers blood pressure, stops the feeling of thirst, helps with urination, eases inflammation, increases metabolism.
3. RED/GREEN BELLPEPPER (Ot My): Cleans liver during infection, cleans the large intestine when it is infected, remove moisture, make strong muscle and bone, remove spots, eases swelling and boil, good for lung.