Friday, June 20, 2008

Delicious Green Tea Recipe

Green tea recipe is not only healthy but mighty delicious as well. They can be used as garnishes, dried, or infused.

The trick? Brew your tea leaves that you use for any green tea recipes in a different way than when prepared for drinking.

Here's how to include it in your recipe: use a cool spring water and loose leaf teas, and brew for twenty to thirty minutes in a cup. This prevents it from ever being overly astringent or bitter.

A typical measurement for one recipe is one and one-half heaping teaspoons (7.5 ml) of loose leaf to eight ounces (250 ml) of water. Adjust to your taste accordingly.

So, how do you include it with any food recipe?

Green tea, is cooling, refreshing, and palate cleansing. It is wonderful with any food recipes.

Chinese tea tend to be sweeter than Japanese tea, which is nonetheless subtle and mild.

Indian and Sri Lankan teas are stronger more solid tasting.

All are wonderful for any recipes, but only the subltest ones would be lost with dramatically spiced foods.

Japanese tea is good with typical recipe of that country, and their mildness makes them refreshing with fruits, salads, or any recipe.

The very fine gyokuro is magnificent by itself, or lovely with fresh fruit or pastries.

Sencha is good with main recipes from sukiyaki to beef stew.

Hojicha, bancha tea, and genmaicha tea are excellent for all ages to drink, and taste good with all recipes because of their mild flavor and soft aroma.

With a hint of floral, it is wonderful with recipe for desserts. And when it is intentionally scented with jasmine, osmanthus, lychee, or chrysanthemum is lovely with pastries.

The best way to determine which one you would like to drink with your food recipe is to try as many selections as possible.

Below are the recipes you can make. Just have fun with it.