Monday, June 16, 2008

health benefits of cranberry juice

Health benefits of cranberries are just not limited to preventing urinary tract infections. Studies around the world have amazed people because of the antioxidant content which helps fight diseases like cancer, heart disease, stomach ulcers and even gum diseases.

Cranberry juice prevents the adhesion of bacteria to urinary tract prevent urinary tract infections. It can reach parts of urinary tract compared to any other juice preventing urinary infections and maintains acidic pH OF urine. The proanthocyanidin in cranberry juice prevents adhesion of gram negative fimbriated E-coli to walls of urinary tract. Recurrence of urinary tract infections can be prevented with cranberry juice.

The antibiotic resistant H.pylori known to cause gastrointestinal ulcers, gastric cancers and gum diseases could be treated with cranberries. H.pylori bacteria in the body survives in acidic conditions. Cranberry juice or supplements of cranberry prevents the adhesion of H.pylori on to intestinal walls. Cranberry juice do not exhibit any bactericidal action but anti adhesive action prevents peptic ulcers and other diseases caused by this bacteria. Overall, it prevents adhesion of this bacteria to urinary, gastrointestinal tract and mouth.

Juice of cranberries have been found to have anticancer properties and inhibitory growth on tumors. Proanthocyanidin compound in cranberry juice has shown inhibitory effect on tumors of breast, lungs, intestines and even on leukemia cells. Cranberry juice prevents further spread of cancer without affecting normal cells within the body. The exact action of
cranberry juice on cancer cells is still under study.

Cardiovascular heart diseases can be combated with cranberry juice. It prevents the rise of cholesterol levels in the body including LDL cholesterol(bad cholesterol). It even prevents atherosclerosis which is the formation of plaque(Cholesterol and lipids) within arterial walls. This way it prevents the future heart attacks and strokes.

Studies have even reported that cranberry juice could prevent dental plaque. It is an effective ingredient in mouth washes to prevent plaque. Kidney stone recurrence can be prevented with cranberry juice. Quinic acid content and high concentration of oxalate in cranberry juice maintains the acidity of urine and prevents kidney stones.

Cranberry juice may be sour. But numerous health benefits of cranberry juice may one day force us to replace our sodas with cranberry juice.