Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cancer Hair Loss And What It Entails

As we all have knowledge of in today’s world there are numerous causes out there for the condition hair loss whether it is hereditary or some kind of underlying health condition or the over treatment of hair. The thing is by far one of the worst ways to lose your hair is through what is called more or less cancer hair loss. This usually happens or occurs when a person is dealing with a certain type of cancer and undergoes evident amount baldness on their head.

The real spin on this type of hair loss that comes as result of cancer is because the chemotherapy those cancer patients usually have to attend as a form of treatment for the disease. Chemotherapy basically is the use of drugs and/or medication along with radiation in the case of cancer to cure disease destroying cancer cells that have spread to parts of the body far away from the primary (original) tumor. The radiation however is very powerful and most times result in damaging the hair shaft at root of the scalp and causes baldness.

What should not be forgotten or mistaken is that the medication taken can also result in hair loss. That is the main reason why before starting a medication plan you should gain awareness of the drugs and the side effects of such by sitting down and having a one on one with your doctor.

What should be expected?

As it is related to cancer hair loss, it is of utmost importance to the patient him/herself to realize and have knowledge of what is to be expected and be ready for what is to come. Really and truly when you think of it you might take your hair granted that is has always been there and will always be there, unless of course that hair loss runs in your family, you might realize the importance of it to you until there is a pending threat that you will lose it. What you have to know is, if you have cancer and you are to undergo chemotherapy then hair loss is a very big possibility, probably a define one.

This is not to say your hair will fall out as a result because this is not always the case. The hair loss is really dependent on you the person, especially in the case of your hair type and also how far along your cancer is.

Is this Avoidable?

Is it? Think about it, cancer hair is really inevitable no matter how you look at it, unless of course you decide that your hair is to important and you pass up the chemotherapy and as such voluntarily put your life at risk. Now really is there even a minute comparison here, really even a choice, now think, your life or your hair, your life or your hair, are you getting the gist. The thing is the lost will eventually grow back anyway after the treatment is finished.

What you really should know hair loss unfortunately is not the only side that results for chemotherapy, there are also symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite; diarrhea, constipation, and nausea are also often experienced.

Though cancer hair loss is one the hardest types of hair loss to deal with because of the lack of options in treatment resulting from the interim where you taking the chemo medication, you can talk to your doctor if you do have a hair loss. This way he/she can along with properly assess your condition and find a way to deal with it and find a treatment plan that would work for you.

Cancer Hair Loss And What It Entails
by Trendon Cato