Thursday, June 12, 2008

Herbal Remedies That May Help Your Acne Problem

Herbal Remedies help Your Acne Problem,At some time in life, just about everyone ends up dealing with acne of some form. It is very common for teenagers to end up dealing with acne problems due to all the hormonal changes that they are dealing with; however, acne can also cause problems during the adult years as well. Most people who are dealing with acne choose to use ointments and topical acne creams to treat their acne problem; however, these are not always so successful. In many cases, internal treatments can really be helpful, since they help to treat acne from the inside out.

Often hormonal imbalances cause acne to occur, but toxins within the body can also cause acne. Taking some simple steps to detox your body can really help you naturally clear up your acne problem without using harsh over the counter treatments. You'l find that there are a variety of herbs that can really help to treat acne in both adults and teens, and some combinations can help deal with male and female hormonal imbalances as well. If you have tried just about every type of conventional acne treatment with out seeing success, it may be time to turn to some herbal remedies for help. So, let's look at a few great herbal remedies that can provide some help.

Lobelia Lobelia is an herb that can help you to get rid of your acne problem. It helps to make the oxygenated blood flow better throughout the body. This helps to make sure that toxins, congestions, and even obstructions can be removed.

Ginger Another great herbal treatment to consider using is ginger. Ginger works to clean out the bowels and the kidneys. It helps to get rid of any excess toxins that may be inside of the body. It also works to stimulate good circulation as well.

Kelp Kelp is another excellent herb that you can take for your acne problems. It is full of great minerals and vitamins and it can help you restore the right balance of minerals and vitamins that you need in your body, working to clear up your acne problems and other health problems as well.

Herbs for Treating Female Hormonal Problems There are several herbs that can help to deal with hormonal problems that women are dealing with and they can be used alone or some may be used together. They include red raspberry, kelp, marshmallow, and black cohosh.

Herbal Face Wash If you want a good herbal face wash, you may want to consider using chickweed tea. Take chickweed capsules, then dissolve them in water that is warm. Bathe your face with this water and then rinse well. Also, if you have body acne, consider soaking in a bath that has chickweed tea in it as well.
Herbal Remedies That May Help Your Acne Problem
By Pat Dee