Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ginsing side effects

Ginsing side effects are few. According to studies that have been done with various animals, there do not seem to be any short or long term effects of taking ginsing. It is a shame that animals were used to make these conclusions after this herb has been used for centuries in countries all across the globe. The money could have been used for studies with humans already taking the herbs, for example, or put into an herbal health education program.

Anyway, ginsing does not seem to be carcinogenic either, which in our world today, seems like an exception to the rule. Some rare reports show that ginsing can raise blood pressure and increase heart rate if taken in very large quantities. However, it is possible that these effects along with reports of sleeplessness or excitedness could be caused by the caffeine that is often included in diluted preparations of the herb.