Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zulvera’s Shampoo for Female hair Loss

Loss of hair due to ageing in women is a normal and natural process which by then may not be cause for concern. Women do tend to loose hair because of a lot of tension at work place or in the family, tiredness, insufficient sleep, improper diet. Women who go to parlors frequently also shed a lot of hair due to the chemical treatments on hair, various products, gels and creams which contain chemicals; hair styling which also is a reason for hair fall.

In certain cases they female hair loss is due to illness like diabetes, hyperthyroid and cancer which require the intake of medicines orally or externally. In these cases they undergo treatments involving heavy medicinal doses. Or radiation treatments also weaken the body and the hair gets weakened gradually reducing hair density and then finally baldness.

How to prevent hair loss

It is advisable to take proper care of the hair right from the beginning rather than finding a solution to a created problem. We know the basic needs of staying fit and healthy and this goes true even with the hair. Eat well balanced diet as the hair also requires nourishment. Weekly massage your hair with oil heated lightly. Apply this oil on the scalp with cotton and in circular motion. This will enable blood circulation. Hot oil massage reduces the strain levels on the mind and gives good sleep. Condition the hair with henna which is an herbal treatment and also strengthens the hair.


There are various treatments in allopathy and one can also choose ayurvedic or homeopathic methods. Among the ayurvedic list is Zulvera. Zulvera is a shampoo made from effective herbs which work on the growth of hair at he same time preventing hair loss. Zulvera shampoo can be tried by any age. Besides latest developments in hair transplants is also available. Some do choose to wear wigs but there is nothing like natural hair. Female hair loss requires the advice of a professional and it is in the best interest of oneself to take steps after consulting the doctor.

Female hair loss is mainly due to hormonal imbalances and could be cured with the proper medical treatment. Issues of diet are also causes of concern for female hair loss.

Sarah has used Zulvera Shampoo and what she says about Zulvera-

“I have been reading comments on hairless, sad to say some haven’t had results that is because of every one has different skin tone and hair texture. My hair was falling and skeptically, Zulvera was a first try. It was the result, which I had never thought of. The shampoo started giving results in just one week. My bald scalp became smart as I felt the touch of hair for the first time in so many years.

Zulvera brings with it no side effects and whatever I got; it was pure natural hair care and nothing more. The shampoo has no synthetic chemicals or extracts used. It is the outcome of herbal extracts. The best part is, you will never feel irritation even after prolonged usage. Zulvera has given me full satisfaction in terms of shine and strength. It helped me regain my strength and vigor and all the more, it has been a friend to give my personality an enhanced appeal altogether. The shampoo brings awesome dandruff reduction power and I have simply forgotten the name “Female Pattern Baldness”.

Zulvera keeps your hair sashaying and gives you the energy to take the life with a swing.“