Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss is the most widespread problem perceptible in children, adults and old age generation, Going by the statistical norms, it reveals that every second person seems to grapple with either complete or partial hair loss due to one or other reason. Hair specialists and physicians ascertain many reasons for the potential hair loss problem, some genetic, while other physiological. Today, many effective remedies exist to get out of this problem. Each of these remedies has a desired effect depending upon the type of scalp skin and the possible causes of hair loss.

Some remedies are workable and produce miracles in least possible time. Hair loss products are flooded in the market place, with many companies venturing into it. You would come across reputable brands of hair loss product manufacturing companies thronging every departmental stores and malls. These include Fabao, Nioxin, Organin, Toppik, proTHIK, Spectral DNC, Rogaine, Fullmore, Tricomin, Shen Min, Super Million Hair, Top Coverage, DermMatch, Folligen, Min New York, COUVRe, Progaine, Revivogen and many more. Hair loss shampoo is manufactured from synthetic as well as natural products. Those manufactured from synthetic treatment of chemicals produce phenomenal effects in a day or two, while the ones prepared from naturally occurring extract of herbs and shrubs have lasting effect after a certain point of time.
Hair loss shampoo: Application Procedures
Listed below are the ways to apply hair loss shampoo for producing best possible results :
Wet Your Hair - Hair loss shampoo works perfect in wet hair. The ingredients in the shampoo make it essential to apply the product on the wet hair filaments. For this you should at least wet your scalp hair twice, which makes a way easy for the shampoo to spread smoothly and evenly, and reaching the scalp and beneath for best results.
Apply small quantity - After wetting your hair thoroughly, gently rub small amount of hair loss shampoo between the palms and then apply on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes. Small amounts produce astonishing results, owing to effective hair nourishing formula of the shampoos. Moreover, the more wet your hair; less will be the quantity of shampoo that you need to take. What an ideal bargain, isn’t it!
Leave the hair untouched for few moments - After massaging the hair with the shampoo; leave them untouched for some time until the hair loss shampoo simply percolates every hair filament reaching the base. This is necessary to impart strength and increases the hair growth tendency.
Rinse out thoroughly - After some time; rinse the hair under running water to remove the shampoo completely. Repeat the rinsing procedure again in order to drain the shampoo completely from the scalp and the hair. Remember, a small quantity of shampoo lather may cause itching on scalp skin.