Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Avocado Moisture Mask for Your Hair

Everywhere you turn, commercial, print ads, product labels are filled with promoting their endless efforts to go green, go healthy, go nutrient-filled. I am not sure where it started - probably with bottle water or snapple blend ice teas, but a trend certainly emerged. However, it didn't stop at gyms, fast food or fruit beverages. Hair care, as well as skin care, took the leap too.

Nowadays, every hair care company is competing to push the next and best organic item or hydrolyzed nutrient to embed in their existing list of ingredients: Ojon - Ojon Oil, Garnier Fructis - Vitamin B3/B6, Pantene Pro-V, to name the major brands. Its gotten so saturated that it made way for brands like Carol's Daughter, Jane Carter Hair Solutions to pave a way in textured hair care. But with all this push for organic and chemical-free, why pay top dollar for results that you can buy at your own grocery store? So for those of you who want luscious, lavish hair without paying a fortune nor waiting a lifetime at the salon for it - check out my mixture for an Avocado Moisture Mask.

What you need:
A blender
2 Avocados
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
plain yogurt
Optional - Henna - neutral if you love color; whatever hue if you don't ^^^^
Optional - Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Soy Quat ^^^^