Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Selecting a Healthy Colon Cleansing Tea

For those of us who are petrified at the idea of colon cleansing processes such as colonic boards or irrigation, the perfect solution is to introduce colon cleansing foods and teas to the diet. One of the safest and healthiest teas which can also be made part of the colon cleansing process is green tea. Green tea can be part of a colon cleansing diet as it can aid the body to detoxify and regulate bowel movements. There are many other herbal colon cleansing teas which also perform these necessary functions but one of the most well known is green tea. Often used as part of a weight loss diet, green tea is well know to have powerful antioxidant qualities needed to keep internal systems healthy.

A healthy colon cleansing tea should help to increase bowel movements, provide detoxifying qualities and give a boost to the health of the whole body. Some of the more specifically designed colon cleansing tea drinks combine the beneficial qualities of a number of healthy herbs and vitamins to help the body clear out excess waste and toxins and enable the digestive system and bowels to run smoothly yet again. A colon cleansing tea can be a simply yet healthy choice that will fit in perfectly to almost any diet plan.

Switching to Herbal Colon Cleansing Tea

As so many people already drink copious amounts of tea for its flavor and as a social past-time; it is relatively easy to make the simple switch to an herbal colon cleansing variety of tea. An herbal colon cleansing tea that contains ingredients such as rhubarb or even raspberry can help support the waste removal functions in the body and in turn lead to a healthier colon. Making the switch to an herbal colon cleansing tea can be abrupt or alternatively be a gradual change. A more gradual change can alleviate the chances of headaches occurring due to the lack of caffeine which is present in ordinary cups of tea. There probably will be side effects especially for heavy tea drinkers but these problems will subside and a healthier body will be the outcome.

Small changes like switching to an herbal colon cleansing tea can seem like little steps but even this can make a significant difference to a person�s feeling of health and well being. Anyone who is willing to try it out will soon see the difference in the regularity of their bowel movements and over time may even experience additional benefits associated with a healthy colon such as increased energy, healthy skin, less bloating and fewer tension headaches