Friday, May 9, 2008

The Uncover the Secrets of Rich Black Tea.

One of the teas that is included in the four group classification of basic teas is black tea. The other three teas are white, green, and oolong. It is considered a true tea, which is not similar to the so-called teas such as herbal, in that the leaves themselves are grown from the camelia sinensis, which is the one true tea tree.

This article elaborates on the kind of areas in which black tea is manufactured and cultivated as well as the various methods in which people typically serve and enjoy black tea.

Cultivating And Growing Black Tea

The regions that commonly manufacture black tea are those that have high altitude areas and some that have a tropical climate, and this may include various areas such as the rainforest region and South America, for example. However traditionally, countries in the Asian region are the prime hosting grounds for cultivating and growing of the tea trees in the production of the teas for consumerism.

While a segment of this market still is controlled by the Asian countries, black tea is now distributed further throughout the world and numerous countries now extensively participate in growing and marketing black tea and products that contain black tea.

Serving and Enjoying Black Tea

There are numerous different ways to serve black tea; it can be served hot, which is a very common method in the Asian countries or in restaurants that are influenced by the Asian culture throughout the world. When it is served hot, people might choose to prepare it with milk and/or sugar or other condiments.

Additionally, there are others that prefer honey and some even enjoy spices such as cloves or cinnamon. When served cold or with ice, people typically try out similar additives to their black tea.

An additional popular black tea based drink is that of chai tea. Even though Chai tea can be made utilizing any of the different variety of teas, the traditional way it is done is to use black tea. Chai tea is flexible in that it can be served either hot or cold, and milk and cream is typically incorporated into it to give it a lighter consistency. In addition, various spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom are utilized to spice it up. Then honey or sometimes sugar as well, is added to it to sweeten it to the drinkers preference.

Uncover the Secrets of Rich Black Tea
by: Korbin Newlyn