Monday, May 5, 2008

The Green Tea - Just One Of The Many Natural Ways To Lose Weight.

Many people want to know to is whether or not this supplement for weight loss is effective.

The great benefit of green tea is that they are a natural substance that comes from the earth. Therefore, this would be most likely the supplement of choice for natural foods enthusiasts. Green tea is also often mixed with other useful herbs that many believe are good for the health. Those who know and learn about herbs are the ones that most would benefit from the use of green tea extracts.

Green tea has its downsides, as well. The biggest one is it is one that many dietary supplements containing this herb with other ingredients, both natural and man made have not necessarily been approved by the FDA. Therefore, you may not know the long term effects.

Green tea can also contain quite a bit of caffeine in some cases. However, there are some that do not. Furthermore, there is limited evidence to support the fact that green tea, or green tea extracts, can in fact reduce weight. According to some medical professionals it also can cause minor side effects, such as vomiting, bloating, indigestion, or diarrhea.

Although there are a few downsides to using green tea in dieting, many know about green tea and find that it has not many side effects when drank rather than taken in a pill with other herbs. Therefore, green tea can be considered useful to many people. However, one can't lose weight on green tea alone.

Green tea is one option for losing weight and in order for it to be effective you also have to have a proper balanced diet and meal plan as well as to be enrolled in an exercise program. You can also create your own exercise program upon receiving advice from various fitness professionals.

If you are wondering if green tea is the right supplement for you, it is great for you to do your own research. Some of the great research is made when you consider conflicting sources and come up with your own conclusion. Likewise, going to more than one qualified profession to hear their varying opinions about greentea can help as well.

More importantly, you should consider reading documents about the use of green tea in dieting from sources that you trust. These sources that you read should also be unbiased, and/or proven. For example, sources that has no interest for or against Green tea or green tea extracts being sold would the great judges of the effectiveness of green tea extract this may be impossible in its entirety, but do the great you can.

Further studies may need to be done in the United States before the FDA approves the use of drinking green tea for the purposes of weight loss. For now, though it is often sold just as a tea to drink or as a dietary supplement.

Green tea is only one supplement that is designed for weight loss. Other supplements for weight loss include ingredient include gululipid used in ayurvedic medicine practices, and other ingredients such as chromium, hydro citric acid, and other natural and synthetic ingredients.

Many weight loss supplements, including those with green tea, have also been fortified with various vitamins and nutrients to help provide further nutrients to a vitamin and mineral deficient body. However, you can also eat all the right foods and this will help you gain the nutrients you need while dieting as well.

There are pros and cons to using Green tea. If you need to learn more about this herb or the various supplements that contain herbs of green tea or green tea extracts, you can read more articles such as this, or consult your doctor. You can also consult an ayurvedic or herb specialist, as well. The second type of doctor is most often found in other countries.