Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For Laxatives in the Form of Tea Herbs

Person takes three meals a day. Going by that calculation he takes 22 meals in a week. And the kind of food we are used to these days, toxic substances regularly which would include caffeine, sugar, white flour, microwave-cooked food, hydrogenated fats and deep fried foods, there is bound to be a considerable accumulation of the waste matters in our colon.

Ideally the colon should be able to eliminate all the fecal matter in a period of 24 hours. But for many of us it is quite regular to have bowel movements only once in two or even in three days. This would mean that a lot of wastes are staying back in the colon than they are supposed to. This would mean that this wastes produce toxins which are subsequently being absorbed by the bloodstreams near the colon and are transmitted throughout the body.

To regularize the bowel movements and have our colon clean the first thing we need to do is to change our eating habits. The normal diet we have is full of processed foods. So what we miss out on is fiber. Fiber actually helps to clean our system. Without enough of it, our bowels never quite become clear. So we must increase our fiber intake. It should be anything between 27-33 grams everyday. It is better to have insoluble fiber as that would help you more in eliminating the wastes from the colon.

Water is another critical element in getting your colon clean. For an adult human three liters of water is the minimum that should be consumed everyday. Not only will it clear the system but will also ensure that there is no calculus deposit in the kidneys.

There are also colon cleansing herbs which can facilitate bowel movements. Some of them come in the form of tea. All you got to do is add them to simmering hot water and drink just like you drink tea. These herbs are generally very strong and action would be evident in less than half a day. Within 6 to 12 hours you would need to visit the toilet and then repeatedly over the next couple of days. So if you plan to take these tea based herbs as laxatives first get your schedule planned accordingly as you will not be able to leave home for a couple of days. But do take them in moderate amounts and continue them at the most for a week as they can have some serious side effects.