Monday, May 5, 2008

Herbal Education Discounts

All students currently pursuing education through any of the below mentioned educators receive 10% off every product offered by Mountain Rose Herbs.
Below is a list of several educators that offer an extensive curriculum in herbal studies. Several are educational facilities that may require you to enroll in person, and others offer correspondence courses (by mail), which are highlighted in red.
The educators listed below offer what we believe, are some of the most exciting ways to expand your botanical knowledge, and on the appropriate use of herbs as medicine.
The friendships formed and knowledge gained through these courses is priceless. You often develop close relationships with your educators, you get to meet with other herbally curious people in your community, and many schools and educators will assist you in "wild" plant identifications through field walks.
These are our list of preferred teachers and schools. We have had personal experience with each of them and we fully recommend each of them. Many are longtime friends and associates who have been teaching for many years and this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the reputable teachers out there.

During your entire enrollment with these schools you will always receive a 10% discount on every product Mountain Rose Herbs has to offer. When shopping online, simply mention the course you are enrolled in within the comments field, and we will deduct the 10% from your order before its processed. Or if you are sending your order by mail, fax, or phone, simply mention the course you are enrolled in and will deduct the 10% accordingly.
Please Note: The 10% student discount is NOT cumulative and may not be included with any other discounts available through Mountain Rose Herbs.