Monday, September 1, 2008

Vendakkai/Okra Fry

Vendakkai/Okra Fry :Easy to me : We usually make vendakkai masala or curry . My Mother used to make vendakkai fry sometimes. This recipe is quite different from the usual ones we make and I love to have it with Rice and sambar. Try it folks and I bet you will love this too.


Vendakkai/okra- 300 gms(see to that they are yound and tender)
Onion- 1 sliced thinly
Chilli powder- 1 tsp or acc to taste
Turmeric powder- ¼ tsp
Curry leaves- 1 or 2 sprigs
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


Wash and dry the okra in paper towels(make sure it is dried well). Cut into medium rounds.
Heat oil in a pan and deep fry till they are brown. Finally when you are done frying the okra pieces fry the onions till dark brown. Off the stove and fry the curry leaves. Add the fried onions and curryleaves to the fried okra. Add salt, turmeric powder and chilli powder and toss well so that it is well mixed. It can be called as okra chips too.
Serve with rice and Sambar or Tomato rasam.

Thank natural to make herbals for good life!