Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chinese Tea Sets and Accessories

I've always enjoyed tea sets in general, and Chinese tea sets are no exception! These fine products are completely authentic and even "picture" authentic Chinese scenes or pictures on them such as red dragon, peonies, the great wall, lotus, etc. These pieces really are incredible to look at, as well as use. Some of these tea pots even include an ancient process called "Inner Painting." This process is a painting on the inside of the tea pot or other item. I've seen this done on YouTube once and it's a really amazing process!

Some other tea accessories that might interest you:

- Teapots: Porcelain, Purple sand
- Tea pets: Hop toad, Four expressions
- Tea caddy: Pewter, Colored glazed, Porcelain
- Tea bowls and cups: Porcelain, Purple sand, Golden Dragon
- Kung Fu tea accessories: Ceremony sets, Wooden display table

These really are a sight for sore eyes and worth checking out. Prices range from a few dollars to low hundreds for specialty items like the tea caddies and tea pots. Of course this should be expected when buying anything that's of high quality and made from high quality materials. If your looking for items like the ones listed above or you have something else in mind, check out some of the sites below. Here's the list:

TeapotMart - Teapots, accessories, mats and more
AncientMoods - Chinese tea sets and mats
EnjoyingTea - Tea sets, teapots, tea cups, accessories, gift ideas
MangoGifts - Sake sets, tea sets, dishes, cups
GreatChinaProducts - Sake sets, tea sets, cups and mugs, bowls

These products are good for tea parties as well as every day use, which maybe can't always be said about American or English type tea sets. Sometimes American made or English made sets corrode after time or chip after a few uses, or are only good for "show." With the above Chinese items, they can actually be used without you having to worry if they will with stand time! Oh and by the way while you're on most of these sites they also have a "tea section" where you can order different Chinese teas as well as your teapot or accessory so check these out as well. One of my favorite teas besides Early Grey, and Green tea is something called "Oolong." So check that out as well if it's available on the site!

Good luck in finding the perfect oriental tea set or accessory for yourself! Theres tons of products to choose from so you shouldn't have any problem finding the perfect item!

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