Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bulgarian Recipes

Bulgaria is a Balkan country, located in southeastern Europe. The country has a unique cuisine, which combines influences from Bulgaria's native Slavic culture, as well as influences from the cuisines of neighboring Greece and Turkey. Additionally, some people say that can detect other influences too in Bulgarian cuisine - such as Hungarian influences, and Mediterranean influences such as Italian.

Some popular Bulgarian reciopes include:

Shopska salad - This is a traditional Bulgarian salad made using diced vegetables. Typically it contains cucumbers, onions, peppers (either roasted or raws), and tomatoes. It is usually topped with diced or grated sirene (a white Bulgarian cheese somewhat similar to feta).

Shkembe chorba - This is a traditional Bulgarian tripe soup. Some people consider a national treasure, whereas to others it is uncouth or even vulgar. The soup is made using the stomach lining of a cow, milk, vinegar, garlic and chili peppers.

Tarator - This is a cold soup that is served chilled or even with ice. It contains cucumbers, nuts, and yoghurt, as well as vegetable oil or water. It is flavored using garlic and dill.

Soujouk - A spicy beef sausage. It contains quite a high fat content, and hence can be cooked in its own juices without the addition of oil.

Sarma - A rolled leaf containing meat, rice and onions.

Selska turshiya, Tsarska turshiya - Combinations of pickled vegetables.

Gyuvetch - A beef and vegetable casserole.

Garash - A walnut cake with cream and bitter chocolate frosting, and then covered with chocolate icing.

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