Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Popular Herbal Teas and Their Uses

Herbal teas or infusions have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are not thought of cures more as an aid to relieving symptoms and the effects of everyday illnesses. Their high vitamin and mineral content makes them a popular alternative to pills and as their current popularity demonstrates they make very refreshing and tasty alternatives to ordinary tea.

There is a large variety that can be made at home or bought in health food shops and even supermarkets. Often sold as teabags these teas have to pass stringent safety and quality tests.

Below are some of the more popular varieties and their uses:

• Camomile tea - A popular tea that has been used for many years to ease indigestion, reduce anxiety and calm nerves, also said to help with insomnia.

• Elderflower tea - A comforting tea which is particularly helpful when suffering from colds, catarrh and flu. It is anti inflammatory and induces perspiration.

• Lavender Flower tea - A relaxing tea often drunk as a bedtime drink to aid sleep.

• Lemon Balm - Will ease tension without causing drowsiness, aids digestion and soothes feverish conditions brought on by heavy colds and flu.

• Lime flower tea - Eases stress and headaches, reduces nervous tension, induces calm and helps with sleep. Can have a mild tranquillising affect. Very popular in France.

• Nettle leaf tea - Popular as a tonic, it has a high mineral and vitamin content, particularly iron. Can relieve allergic reactions especially hay fever.

• Peppermint tea - Often drunk after heavy meals as an aid to digestion and reduce flatulence. It reduces nausea and is particularly successful, when combined with elderflower, in relieving the symptoms of colds and flu.

• Raspberry leaf tea - is mildly astringent which makes it popular as a mouthwash or gargle in treating throat infections. It is not recommended that it is used during early pregnancy.

• Rosemary tea - Often drunk at the start of day or when energy levels are starting to fall because of its highly effective power as a pick-me-up. Also effective in easing headaches and indigestion.

• Rosehip tea - Made from crushed rose hips it is very rich in Vitamin C which makes it popular in warding off colds and flu symptoms. It has a mild flavour that many users enhance by adding lemon juice.

Article Source: Steve_Hill