Friday, July 4, 2008

Herbals: Onion Herbal Remedies

Onion is good natural herbals for more medicinal,now will to know onion,Botanical Classification of onion,name of onion,Onion Compress.

Botanical Classification of onion
Family Genus and specie
Alliaceae Allium cepa L.

Other names of onion
Perutile, sweet sandwich, Noordhollandse Bloedrode and Catawissa onion are all part of this specie.

MEDICINAL OF ONION: Onion is used externally as an antiseptic. Internally, it can alleviate gas pains, reduce hypertension, and reduce cholesterol.

RELIGIOUS OF ONION: Has been used as a charm against evil spirits. Halved or quartered onions placed in the home absorb negativity. An onion under your pillow will give you prophetic dreams. Magickal swords and knives are purified by rubbing them with an onion half.

GROWING OF ONION: Onion is a perennial herb that grows from a bulb. It prefers rich garden soils and plenty of water. The greens above ground can be used alone, and the bulb harvested by pulling from the ground, and allowing the tops to dry before storing in a dry location, with temperatures between 35 and 50 degrees F.

Onion Compress
Useful for: throat infections, hoarseness, earache, eye problems, muscle and acute joint inflammations, good for sinusitis. With eye problems, it aches for 1 minute after you put on the compress.

All you need is one onion, finely chopped and placed in a piece of cotton cloth. Use a rolling pin to flatten the package and squeeze out the juices. Cover with Clingfilm and then fold into a cotton cloth. Fold and tape together and place cotton side down on the affected area with the Clingfilm on the outside. Wrap with a woolen cloth and stretch bandage.

Warning: The first time you use onion compress, use it only for 1 hour to see if you have a positive reaction.

Thank natural to make herbals for good life!