Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thai Herbal Noodles recipes (with Shrimp or Tofu)

Thai Herbal Noodle Recipe canhelp you more.I know what Monday's are like. It's hard enough to get yourself back into the routine of another week without making heavy work of the evening meal. My Thai Herbal Noodle Recipe can come to the rescue.

These yummy noodles are very easy to make - in fact, the recipe calls for "instant-type" noodles, which are super-easy and fast to cook. And now that all the summer produce is in, fresh herbs can be found in most stores and markets, or you might even have some growing in your garden. As a bonus, these noodles can be made vegetarian, or with shrimp for those who like seafood. A great everyday type of noodle recipe that's nice to have on hand - especially on a "Munday"!